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Ted Thorsen has all of the utility carts and trucks you need to get the work done. We offer a full line of industrial trucks and carts, including Pallet Trucks, Lightweight Hand Trucks, Appliance Trucks, Steel Hand Trucks, Shelf Trucks, Platform Trucks, Stock Carts, Utility Carts, Moving Equipment, Appliance Trucks, Dollies, Special Use Trucks and much more.


Fiberwood Dollies

All Carpet Solid Wood Dolly

Carpet End Wood Dolly

Flush Wood Dolly

Regular Wood Dolly

Rubber Cap Wood Dolly

Solid Wood Dolly

Solid Steel Dolly

#2076 Heavy Duty Dollies

#2127 Medium Duty Dollies

#3310 Super Duty Dollies

Pro-Mover Pallet Size Dollies

55 Gallon Drum Dolly with Handle

Polyethylene Dollies

Open Angle Steel Dolly

Hand Trucks and Dollies - Industrial Hand Trucks and Dollies

Ted Thorsen brings you a large variety of  hand trucks and dollies.


Our line of industrial dollies includes…

Dollies for totes

Wood dollies

Dollies for pallets

Plastic Dollies

Metal Dollies

Aluminum Dollies

Steel Dollies

Round Dollies

Movers' Dollies

Plate Dollies

Pallet Container Dollies

Pallet Box Dollies

Adjustable Dollies

Custom Dollies

Our Tote Pro Ergonomic Dolly uses Patented ergonomic design reduces back strain, worker fatigue and related claims due to repetitive lifting. Because the Tote-Pro™ works with leverage, it can be used easily by just about anyone, regardless of size and strength. No power source is required.

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