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Ted Thorsen Products > Pallets, Pallet Framing & Racking > Pallet Framing > Stak Pal Steel Stacking Pallet Frames

Stak Pal Steel Stacking Pallet Frames

product image

Perfect for Piece Goods. Stack in Less Time in Less Space.
Create structural storage systems using Stak Pal stacking racks…row after row, one to six Stak Pals high.
The rigid tubular steel Stak Pal supports thousands of pounds. Choose 2,000 or 4,000 lb. Capacities.
Standard with open deck.
Choose 2- or 4-way fork entry.
Expanded metal, sheet metal, plywood, and wood slat decks available, call T.T. for pricing and specifications.
Stak Pal Components (sold separately):
2-way or 4-way fork entry base frames
Corner Posts (set of 4 posts)
Standard color is blue. Other colors and quantity discounts on 25+ units are available, call Ted Thorsen 1-800-233-8358

 Base Frames / 2-way Fork Entry - 2000 lb. Capacity 
Item #L"xW"xH"Height Above FrameWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
MS-806-2-304242"x30"x4 1/2"n/a32 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-304848"x30"x4 1/2"n/a34 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-305454"x30"x4 1/2"n/a36 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-306060"x30"x4 1/2"n/a38 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-364242"x36"x4 1/2"n/a35 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-364848"x36"x4 1/2"n/a37 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-365454"x36"x4 1/2"n/a39 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-366060"x36"x4 1/2"n/a41 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-424242"x42"x4 1/2"n/a38 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-424848"x42"x4 1/2"n/a40 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-425454"x42"x4 1/2"n/a42 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-426060"x42"x4 1/2"n/a44 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-484848"x48"x4 1/2"n/a42 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-485454"x48"x4 1/2"n/a44 lbs.0.00
MS-806-2-486060"x48"x4 1/2"n/a46 lbs.0.00

 Base Frames / 2-way Fork Entry - 4000 lb. Capacity 
Item #L"xW"xH"Height Above FrameWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
MS-806-4-304242"x30"x4 1/2"n/a43 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-304848"x30"x4 1/2"n/a46 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-305454"x30"x4 1/2"n/a49 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-306060"x30"x4 1/2"n/a52 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-364242"x36"x4 1/2"n/a47 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-364848"x36"x4 1/2"n/a50 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-365454"x36"x4 1/2"n/a53 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-366060"x36"x4 1/2"n/a56 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-424242"x42"x4 1/2"n/a50 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-424848"x42"x4 1/2"n/a53 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-425454"x42"x4 1/2"n/a56 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-426060"x42"x4 1/2"n/a59 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-484848"x48"x4 1/2"n/a56 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-485454"x48"x4 1/2"n/a59 lbs.0.00
MS-806-4-486060"x48"x4 1/2"n/a62 lbs.0.00

 Base Frames / 4-way Fork Entry - 2000 lb. Capacity 
Item #L"xW"xH"Height Above FrameWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
MS-808-2-424242"x42"x4 1/2"n/a45 lbs.0.00
MS-808-2-424848"x42"x4 1/2"n/a48 lbs.0.00
MS-808-2-425454"x42"x4 1/2"n/a54 lbs.0.00
MS-808-2-426060"x42"x4 1/2"n/a55 lbs.0.00
MS-808-2-484848"x48"x4 1/2"n/a50 lbs.0.00
MS-808-2-485454"x48"x4 1/2"n/a54 lbs.0.00
MS-808-2-486060"x48"x4 1/2"n/a57 lbs.0.00

 Base Frames / 4-way Fork Entry - 4000 lb. Capacity 
Item #L"xW"xH"Height Above FrameWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
MS-808-4-424242"x42"x4 1/2"n/a57 lbs.0.00
MS-808-4-424848"x42"x4 1/2"n/a61 lbs.0.00
MS-808-4-425454"x42"x4 1/2"n/a65 lbs.0.00
MS-808-4-426060"x42"x4 1/2"n/a69 lbs.0.00
MS-808-4-484848"x48"x4 1/2"n/a64 lbs.0.00
MS-808-4-485454"x48"x4 1/2"n/a68 lbs.0.00
MS-808-4-486060"x48"x4 1/2"n/a68 lbs.0.00

 Corner Posts - 2000 lb. Capacity (set of 4) 
Item #L"xW"xH"Height Above FrameWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
MS-810-2-16n/a16"14 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-18n/a18"15 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-20n/a20"16 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-22n/a22"17 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-24n/a24"18 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-26n/a26"19 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-28n/a28"20 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-30n/a30"21 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-32n/a32"22 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-34n/a34"23 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-36n/a36"24 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-38n/a38"25 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-40n/a40"26 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-42n/a42"27 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-44n/a44"28 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-46n/a46"29 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-48n/a48"30 lbs.0.00
MS-810-2-60n/a60"31 lbs.0.00

 Corner Posts - 4000 lb. Capacity (set of 4) 
Item #L"xW"xH"Height Above FrameWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
MS-810-4-16n/a16"23 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-18n/a18"25 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-20n/a20"27 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-22n/a22"29 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-24n/a24"31 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-26n/a26"33 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-28n/a28"35 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-30n/a30"37 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-32n/a32"39 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-34n/a34"41 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-36n/a36"43 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-38n/a38"45 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-40n/a40"47 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-42n/a42"49 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-44n/a44"51 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-46n/a46"53 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-48n/a48"55 lbs.0.00
MS-810-4-60n/a60"57 lbs.0.00