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Nesting Pallet Frames

product image

Exclusive Nesting Feature Lets You Reconvert Storage Space Back Into Valuable Floor Space When Not In Use.

Nesting Pallet Frames are constructed of heavy-duty square tubular steel frames welded solidly together. Built to carry any weight requirement up to 4000 lbs. Base is raised 4 inches above floor level so a lift truck can enter from the front or either side. Self Guided Stacking - The Nestainer's inverted angles provide safe, secure and simple stacking. Well suited for, piece goods, boxed merchandise, bulk bags, and stacked totes.
Standard colors: Blue and Gray

Please call Ted Thorsen for current pricing 1-800-233-8358.

 Blue Nesting Pallet Frames 
Item #Usable
QtyPriceAdd to Cart
DY-404842-B40"x48"x42"44 1/2"x50"x50 1/2"0.00
DY-404848-B40"x48"x48"44 1/2"x50"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-484842-B48"x48"x42"52 1/2"x50"x50 1/2"0.00
DY-484848-B48"x48"x48"52 1/2"x50"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-534248-B53"x42"x48"57 1/2"x44"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-534842-B53"x48"x42"57 1/2"x50"x50 1/2"0.00
DY-534848-B53"x48"x48"57 1/2"x50"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-534854-B53"x48"x54"57 1/2"x50"x62 1/2"0.00
DY-534864-B53"x48"x64"57 1/2"x50"x72 1/2"0.00
DY-534872-B53"x48"x72"57 1/2"x50"x80 1/2"0.00
DY-606042-B60"x60"x42"64 1/2"x62"x50 1/2"0.00
DY-606060-B60"x60"x60"64 1/2"x62"x68 1/2"0.00
DY-606448-B60"x64"x48"64 1/2"x66"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-723636-B72"x36"x36"76 1/2"x38"x44 1/2"0.00
DY-724848-B72"x48"x48"76 1/2"x50"x56 1/2"0.00

 Gray Nesting Pallet Frames 
Item #Usable
QtyPriceAdd to Cart
DY-404842-G40"x48"x42"44 1/2"x50"x50 1/2"0.00
DY-404848-G40"x48"x48"44 1/2"x50"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-484842-G48"x48"x42"52 1/2"x50"x50 1/2"0.00
DY-484848-G48"x48"x48"52 1/2"x50"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-534248-G53"x42"x48"57 1/2"x44"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-534842-G53"x48"x42"57 1/2"x50"x50 1/2"0.00
DY-534848-G53"x48"x48"57 1/2"x50"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-534854-G53"x48"x54"57 1/2"x50"x62 1/2"0.00
DY-534864-G53"x48"x64"57 1/2"x50"x72 1/2"0.00
DY-534872-G53"x48"x72"57 1/2"x50"x80 1/2"0.00
DY-606042-G60"x60"x42"64 1/2"x62"x50 1/2"0.00
DY-606060-G60"x60"x60"64 1/2"x62"x68 1/2"0.00
DY-606448-G60"x64"x48"64 1/2"x66"x56 1/2"0.00
DY-723636-G72"x36"x36"76 1/2"x38"x44 1/2"0.00
DY-724848-G72"x48"x48"76 1/2"x50"x56 1/2"0.00