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Ted Thorsen Products > Shelving & Racks > Boxer™ Tubular Steel Box-Design Industrial Shelving > Boxer™ Tubular Steel Box-Design Industrial Shelving Closed Add-On Sections

Boxer™ Tubular Steel Box-Design Industrial Shelving
Closed Add-On Sections

product image

Closed Add-On Section consists of: 4 posts, 1 end panels, 1 back panel, shelves

Boxer™ shelves are constructed of 20 gauge steel with full welded box formation in front and back of the shelf and have formed channels on both ends. All corners are lapped and welded for additional strength. The box formation is welded on a 6" center minimum to provide integrity the entire length of the box. All shelves have a box profile height of 1 1/4". All box shelves accommodate clip connection to the upright.

All posts are 14 gauge steel.
  • The box post takes the place of two angle posts at the front of the shelving unit.
  • The offset angle post reduces shelf accessibility by 1" per end

    Standard Finish
    for shelves and posts is grey enamel finish.

    Ships from Virginia


    Orders totaling less than $200.00 will incur a $20.00 handling fee.

    Call for Pricing and Availability

  •  5 Shelf Units 
    Item #LxWxHCapacityWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    TB-CAB85-1236-536"x12"x85"850 lbs.89 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1248-548"x12"x85"550 lbs.108 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1536-536"x15"x85"850 lbs.95 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1548-548"x15"x85"550 lbs.116 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1836-536"x18"x85"850 lbs.104 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1848-548"x18"x85"550 lbs.127 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-2436-536"x24"x85"850 lbs.120 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-2448-548"x24"x85"550 lbs.146 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-3036-536"x30"x85"650 lbs.135 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-3048-548"x30"x85"500 lbs.165 lbs.0.00

     7 Shelf Units 
    Item #LxWxHCapacityWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    TB-CAB85-1236-736"x12"x85"850 lbs.97 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1248-748"x12"x85"550 lbs.120 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1536-736"x15"x85"850 lbs.107 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1548-748"x15"x85"550 lbs.132 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1836-736"x18"x85"850 lbs.117 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-1848-748"x18"x85"550 lbs.145 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-2436-736"x24"x85"850 lbs.137 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-2448-748"x24"x85"550 lbs.170 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-3036-736"x30"x85"650 lbs.157 lbs.0.00
    TB-CAB85-3048-748"x30"x85"500 lbs.195 lbs.0.00