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Ted Thorsen Products > Shelving & Racks > EAGLE® Posts > EAGLE® Posts for Stationary Applications

Posts for Stationary Applications

product image

Posts are numbered on vertical 1" (25 mm) increments to help ensure fast and level assembly.

Freight class is 50.0

Shelving & Post Finishes Available:
  • Stainless Steel - our best - NSF Listed for all environments. Type 304 stainless steel. 15-Year Limited Warranty. (Note: Stainless steel shelving is electropolished).
  • Eaglegard® Hybrid Epoxy - zinc chloride, clear chromate. MasterSeal® sealer, blue green (translucent) hybrid epoxy with Microgard® antimicrobial agent. NSF Listed for all environments. 15-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Valu-Master® Epoxy - phosphate conversion coating, MasterSeal® sealer, Pewter gray epoxy. NSF Listed for wet or dry storage environments. 5-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Chrome Finish - bright nickel, chrome, air-dry lacquer. NSF Listed for dry storage environments. 1-Year Limited Warranty.
  • EagleBrite Zinc - zinc chloride, clear chromate, MasterSeal® sealer, air-dry lacquer. NSF-Listed for dry storage environments. 3-Year Limited Warranty.


    Orders totaling less than $200.00 will incur a $20.00 handling fee.

    Item #FinishSizeWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    EA-P7-CChrome7"1 lb.5.43
    EA-P7-EEagleGuard7"1 lb.6.92
    EA-P7-SStainless7"1 lb.13.84
    EA-P7-VValu-Master7"1 lb.5.93
    EA-P7-ZEagleBrite7"1 lb.4.94

    Item #FinishSizeWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    EA-P14-CChrome14"1 lb.6.42
    EA-P14-EEagleGuard14"1 lb.7.41
    EA-P14-SStainless14"1 lb.14.82
    EA-P14-VValu-Master14"1 lb.6.92
    EA-P14-ZEagleBrite14"1 lb.5.93

    Item #FinishSizeWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    EA-P18-CChrome18"1.5 lbs.7.41
    EA-P18-EEagleGuard18"1.5 lbs.10.37
    EA-P18-SStainless18"1.5 lbs.21.24
    EA-P18-VValu-Master18"1.5 lbs.7.90
    EA-P18-ZEagleBrite18"1.5 lbs.6.92

    Item #FinishSizeWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    EA-P33-CChrome33"2 lbs.7.90
    EA-P33-EEagleGuard33"2 lbs.10.87
    EA-P33-SStainless33"2 lbs.24.21
    EA-P33-VValu-Master33"2 lbs.8.40
    EA-P33-ZEagleBrite33"2 lbs.7.41

    Item #FinishSizeWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    EA-P54-CChrome54"3 lbs.10.37
    EA-P54-EEagleGuard54"3 lbs.11.36
    EA-P54-SStainless54"3 lbs.27.17
    EA-P54-VValu-Master54"3 lbs.10.87
    EA-P54-ZEagleBrite54"3 lbs.9.88

    Item #FinishSizeWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    EA-P63-CChrome63"3.5 lbs.10.87
    EA-P63-EEagleGuard63"3.5 lbs.12.84
    EA-P63-SStainless63"3.5 lbs.30.63
    EA-P63-VValu-Master63"3.5 lbs.11.36
    EA-P63-ZEagleBrite63"3.5 lbs.10.37

    Item #FinishSizeWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    EA-P74-CChrome74"4 lbs.11.86
    EA-P74-EEagleGuard74"4 lbs.13.83
    EA-P74-SStainless74"4 lbs.34.58
    EA-P74-VValu-Master74"4 lbs.12.35
    EA-P74-ZEagleBrite74"4 lbs.10.87

    Item #FinishSizeWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    EA-P86-CChrome86"5 lbs.14.33
    EA-P86-EEagleGuard86"5 lbs.16.30
    EA-P86-SStainless86"5 lbs.39.52
    EA-P86-VValu-Master86"5 lbs.14.33
    EA-P86-ZEagleBrite86"5 lbs.13.34